vibration sensor, motors

Vibration sensors are key to protecting your machinery and your business from costly failures – failures that could have been prevented.

Check out the top 5 reasons every motor needs a vibration sensor below.

vibration sensor, motors

Top 5 Reasons Every Motor Needs a Vibration Sensor

1) Motors are expensive and vibration monitoring is cheap.

Large industrial motors cost a lot of money, rebuilding motors costs a lot of money, downtime due to failed motors costs a lot of money.

Adding vibration sensors to motors is cheap in comparison, and can help detect early signs of motor malfunction.  Machine Saver’s line of vibration sensors provide maximum protection at minimal cost.

motors, vibration sensor2) Vibration sensors make inspecting motors easier.

Many motors are located in inconvenient, remote, hazardous, or difficult to access locations. Thus, some motors might go weeks or even months without even a superficial inspection. An unmonitored motor is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Vibration monitoring is most important in remote locations where parts may be difficult to find, downtime is expensive, and technicians are scarce.

Machine Saver’s line of vibration sensors can interface with remote monitoring software, allowing virtual inspection from anywhere in the world.

An unmonitored motor is a catastrophe waiting to happen.


3) Vibration sensors diagnose issues faster.

Vibration analysis can be used to pinpoint common failure modes in motors, enabling faster diagnosis of common issues.

Everyone knows vibrations at frequencies 1-2X motor RPM measured radially can indicate motor imbalance, right?

Well… maybe not, but with vibration sensors and analysis software from Machine Saver, it is possible to diagnose specific problems by comparing current data with data collected from previous failures.

vibration sensor, motors

motors, vibration sensor

4) They can help your motors run cooler.

When motors get hot things go wrong. Sure, but what does that have to do with vibration monitoring?

For one thing, excessive vibration can generate excess heat, so detecting abnormal vibration before it gets out of control can help motors run cooler.

For another thing, Machine Saver’s line of vibration monitors feature integrated temperature monitoring (-40°C to +105°C). So, if temperatures do climb, you’ll be informed before disaster strikes.

Built-in temperature monitoring saves money (no separate temperature sensor to buy), as well as time (no separate temperature sensor to install). Not to mention the convenience of being able to monitor temperature using the same piece of software used to monitor vibration.

5) Vibration sensors are versatile and comprehensive, for any motor.

Each motor is unique, with varying operating speeds, safe temperature ranges, and targeted use cases. This variability can make it difficult to find vibration sensors that fulfill such a wide range of requirements.

Machine Saver produces the most versatile and complete vibration monitoring solution on the market today.

With a supported frequency range of 0.4 to 5000Hz, programmable filters and alarms, remote monitoring, and versatile mounting configurations, Machine Saver vibration sensors really are a one size fits all solution for any motor.

Invest in Machine Saver Vibration Sensors Today

If you’re looking for a way to improve efficiency, lower downtime, save money, protect your employees, and prevent costly failures, you’ve come to the right place. Vibration sensors from Machine Saver can do all that and more. To learn more, call Machine Saver today at 832-471-8145.

vibration sensor, motors

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